Bolshevskaya Labor Commune (Korolev)

The Bolshevskaya labor commune was a social experiment designed for the correctional education of juvenile offenders. It reamined open from 1924-1939 and was a success in both correctional education and profitable working enterprises.


Many international guests visited the commune. Andre Gide, Henri Barbusse, Bernard Shaw, Niels Bohr, Jean Perrin, and Nancy Astor were there. Maksim Gorky was considered a curator of the commune, and he also visited many times. The first Soviet film with sound, Putevka v zhizn, was inspired by the history of the commune.

The majority of the commune's staff was executed during the Great Terror (1937-1938). The facility was closed on January 1, 1939.

Constructional Bureau House. Architects A. Langman and L. Cherikover. Construction period (1920s-1930s). Photo: Bolshevtsu. M., 1936