Vladykinskii Concentration Camp

The Vladykinskii Concentration Camp was opened in October 1919 next to the Vladykinskii Railway Station. 

Vladkino factory industrial area that would later become a concentration camp, early 20th century. Source: “Tekhnika i vooryzhenie” 2006, No 9.

The Vladkino industrial area that would become a concentration camp, early 20th century. Photo: “Tekhnika i vooryzhenie” 2006, No. 9


The labor camp, which was run by the Moscow Administration of Forced Labor, was located on the territory of the former Morgunov cloth factory. 

Festival in Vladkino village, early 1930s

Festival in Vladkino village, early 1930s

Beginning in November 1919, a number of prisoners referred to as “the labor brigade” worked at the production site. They worked in various workshops as shoemakers, tailors, carpenters, blacksmiths, and repairers of agricultural machines and tools. In May 1920, the workshops began to receive “private orders.”

The prison population was very diverse and included both men and women, political and criminal prisoners, Polish prisoners of war, and minors.