Petrovskii Park

Address: 36/14 Leningradskii Avenue, Moscow 

Petrovskii Park. Photo: TV-channel “Moskva. Doverie”

Petrovskii Park. Photo: TV-channel “Moskva. Doverie” 

Petrovskii Park was one of the first sites of mass executions that was mentioned in the Bolshevik press. There, on September 5, 1918, immediately after the declaration of the Red Terror, the Moscow Cheka conducted public executions of some of the most prominent representatives of the former Russian Empire. On that day 80 people were executed, including the former Interior Ministry representatives Nikolai Maklakov and Aleksey Hvostov, the last chairman of the State Council, Ivan Scheglovitov, and archpriest Ioann Vostorgov.