Special Building on the Grounds of the Moscow City Court

Address: 43 Kalanchevskaya Street, Moscow

Moscow City Court. Photo: PastVu

Moscow City Court. Photo: PastVu

The Moscow City Court was established on August 3, 1932 by a decree of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Soviet.

Initially, the new authorities had their office in the building of the Moscow Regional Court on 13 Vorovskogo Street (nowadays Povorskaya). Subsequently, the Moscow City Court was relocated to 46 Kalanchevskaya Street, and in 1934 it was relocated once again to the nearby building no. 43, where it remained for almost 60 years. Nowadays, the Meshchanskii District Court of Moscow is situated in the building.

Since the end of 1934, there was a special building on the grounds of the Moscow City Court for capital punishment. The Moscow City Court had two specially equipped cars that were used for covert operations. There is no exact information about how long the special building existed (allegedly, it was a garage); however, during 1939 it was still used for its intended purpose. During the Great Patriotic War (1941-45), the Moscow City Court was turned into a Military City Court.

Alena Zueva