Taganskaya Prison

Address: 16 Malye Kamenschiki Street, Moscow


The prison in Moscow's provincial castle for criminals was built in 1804. Later, in 1885, it became the Moscow Provincial Prison. From January 1, 1924, the institution was called the Moscow Taganskii House of Temporary Detention. The prison was demolished in 1958 and a five-story building for the four police officers took its place. Taganka was infamous for the widespread use of physical force to obtain confessions. Starting in the 1920s, many repressed members of the clergy were held in Taganka.

Taganskaya prison. Photo: "Memorial" archive

Taganskaya Prison.

Plan of buildings of Taganka in 1920. Photo: "Memorial" archive

Plan of Taganka's buildings in 1920.

Prisoners of Taganka. 1920s. Photo: gettyimages.com

Prisoners of Taganka, 1920s. Photo: gettyimages.com

Князь Сергей Евгеньевич Трубецкой. Фото: архив общества «Мемориал»

Prince Sergei Evgenevich Trubetskoi. Photo: Memorial Society Archive

Епископ Игнатий (Садковский). Тула, тюрьма ОГПУ. 1929 г. Фото: архив общества «Мемориал»

Episcope Ignatii (Sadkovskii). Tula, OGPU prison, 1929. Photo: Memorial Society Archive.

Day of meetings in Taganka. Photo: "Memorial" archive

Day of meetings in Taganka.

Female doctors working in Taganka. Photo: "Memorial" archive

Female doctors working in Taganka.

Наталия Козлова

Священник Алонин Матвей (Матфей) Александрович. Фото: архив общества «Мемориал»

Priest Alonin, Matvei (Matfei) Aleksandrovich

Обложка уголовно-следственного дела Михаила Ильича Семенова

Taganskaya Prison (the end of 1950s).

Taganskaya Prison (end of 1950s).

Svetlana Shuranova, Kristina Golomazova