Special Needs Institution / Combine named after Dzerzhinsky

Address: 11 Shmitovskii Lane (former 1st Krasnogvardeyskaya Street), Moscow

Shmitovskiy Lane, 1935. Now there is no Street, where the Institution was situated, as it was attached to Shmitovskiy Lane. Photo: www.umiat-termo.ru

Shmitovskii Lane, 1935. Now there is no street where the Institution was situated since it was attached to Shmitovskii Lane. Photo: www.umiat-termo.ru

No later than 1934, a "special needs" institution named after Dzerzhinsky was established (it was most likely a defectology institution. Defectology is the science of studying mental defects and physical handicaps in the former Soviet Union). Preschool-aged children were in foster care there.

Дарья Дурнева, Анна Марголис