Bersenevskaya Colony

Address: Former summer estate of Sytin, Village of Bersenevo, Povarovo Station, Moscow region

Sytin’s summer house in Bersenevo. Photograph:

Sytin’s summer house in Bersenevo. Photograph:

The Bersenevskaya Children’s Agricultural Colony was opened in 1919 near Povarovo Station. It was a big household: the colony had two gardens, five meadows, a greenhouse, an apiary, a dairy farm, and a pig farm. Children living in the colony raised pigs for the neighboring kolkhoz. The colony also had a school for children aged 13 to 17 years old.

The colony was evacuated at the beginning of the Second World War. Yet, already in 1944, both the pupils and colony personnel returned to Bersenevo. The manor house was damaged by a fire in 1993. Today, an orphanage remains open in the same building.

Daria Durneva, Anna Margolis