Children of the State

Address: Podsolnechnaya Station, Moscow Region

Podsolnechnaya station. 1920–1940s. Photo: PastVu

Podsolnechnaya Station, 1920–1940s. Photo: PastVu

Several forced labor schools for homeless children were established in the vicinity of Podsolnechnaya Station in 1919–1927, including the following places: forced labor camps “Proletarskaya Sila” ("Proletarian Power"), “Yunyi trud” ("Young Labor"), “Krasnyi Oktyabr” ("Red October"), an orphanage for handicapped children, children's forced labor camp № 83 named after Turgenev, labor commune № 5 named after Clara Zetkin, labor commune № 1 named in honor of May 1st, and forced labor camp № 7 (all of them were opened in 1924). There was also a forced labor camp for preschoolers named after L. D. Trotsky in Timonovo. All schools and camps were under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Department of Education (MONO) in 1922–1923.

Dariya Durneva, Anna Margolis