Moscow shelter for boys named after A. Kalinina / Pokrovskii Shelter named after A. Kalinina / Evacuation reception center

Address: 81 Bakuninskaya Street (Pokrovskaya Street until 1918), Moscow

Church of Alexander Nevsky in the former Pokrovskaya House for the Poor, 81/55 Bakuninskaya Street. Photo:
Покровский приемник. Купание беспризорного мальчика. 1925 г.

The Pokrovskii Shelter was opened in 1921 on the site of the former house for the poor and orphanage in the Pokrovskaya Community of Sisters of Mercy on Bakuninskaya Street. It was opened by Asya Davydovna Kalinina, Kalinin's wife, one of the most active fighters against homelessness in the 1920s. In 1928, it was reorganized into the Danilovskii Shelter.

Children living in the shelter named after A. Kalinina were systematically tortured and abused, and they actively supported anti-Semitic sentiments, as mentioned in the book Russkaya shkola zarubezhom (Russian School Abroad, Articles 1927-1928).


Беспризорные дети в сопровождении сотрудников милиции направляются в детский дом. Москва, 1920-е. Фото:
Dariya Durneva, Anna Margolis