Children’s Community Village of MONO on Zachatevskii Lane

Address: 2 2nd Zachatevskii Lane, Moscow

2nd Zachatyevskiy Lane, view to the Zachatyevskiy monastery. 1913-1914. Photograph: PastVu

2nd Zachatevskii Lane, view towards the Zachatevskii Monastery, 1913-1914. Photograph: PastVu

In 1919, all children’s educational institutions were nationalized and handed over to the Moscow Department of National Education (MONO). The Children’s Shelter in the Zachatevskii Monastery was now administered by Narkompros, and it was transformed into a children’s community village and a MONO shelter. The monastic community continued to exist alongside the new orphanage for several years. Members of the monastic community even worked in the children’s community village.

2nd Zachatyevskiy lane. On the right - wall of the Zachatyevskiy monastery. 1913-1914. Photograph: PastVu

2nd Zachatevskii Lane. Wall of the Zachatevskii Monastery (right side), 1913-1914. Photograph: PastVu

It is known that the portrait of Aleksei Romanov, the successor of Nicholas II, was hanging freely on the wall of a local bakery for a long time. The MONO orphanage also educated workers to combat homelessness.

Daria Durneva, Anna Margolis