Children’s Colony No. 5 “Muraveinik” / "Muraveinik" Orphanage

Address: 6 Severnaya Street, Village of Udelnaya, Moscow region

Pupils of “Muraveinik,” 1927. Photograph: “Bolshoy russkiy albom”

Pupils of “Muraveinik,” 1927. Photograph: “Bolshoy russkiy albom”


The orphanage (colony) Muraveinik (Anthill) was opened in 1922 (according to other sources, in 1924) in the village of Udelnaya. By the 1940s, the entire children’s community village, which consisted of four orphanages, was called Muraveinik

A new building was erected in 1961. Nowadays, an orphanage known as the Udelninskii Special Corrective Orpahanage still operates in one of the old locations (15 Oktyabrskaya Street).

Daria Durneva, Anna Margolis