Malakhovsky Children’s Community Village

Address: Malakhovka Station, 56 (58?), Kraskovskoe Highway, Moscow region

Malakhovka. Photo: PastVu

Malakhovka. Photo: PastVu

The Children’s Community Village in Malakhovka was one of the largest community villages in the Moscow region. It was a complex of orphanages with different specializations. They were all located in a village with developed infrastructure.

The Malakhovskii Children’s Community Village was founded in 1919 and consisted of 14 orphanages. The orphanages were located primarily in large, old country houses, which had been nationalized after the revolution. The village existed until the beginning of the Civil War, when it was evacuated to Kazakhstan.

The Community Village had its own bakery, laundry, bindery, carpentry, and shoemaking workshops. In the summer, children worked in its fields and gardens. The famous artist Marc Chagall lived in the Community Village for two years and taught painting there.

Dariya Durneva, Anna Margolis