Orphanage named after Rosa Luxemburg / Pioneer House of FONO (Frunzenskii Department of National Education)

Address: 4/21 Malyi Rzhevskii Lane, Moscow

Pioneer house of the Frunzenskiy region was located in the former mansion of the Tarasovs. Photographs: FotoTerra.ru

The pioneer house of the Frunzenskii region was located in the former Tarasov mansion. Photo: FotoTerra.ru

An orphanage or pioneer house (i.e. orphanage for pioneers) was opened no later than 1924. It was located in a mansion that had been built in the 1910s. The sanitary conditions of the mansion were poor. Not all of the 104 children who lived in the orphanage in 1934 were orphans. Some parents simply could not take care of their children by themselves. The orphanage had a carpentry workshop, a handicrafts club, and a woodworking club.

Dariya Durneva, Anna Margolis