Cherkizovo Kolkhoz Orphanage

Address: Moscow oblast', Khimkinskii raion, village of Cherkizovo

The orphanage was most likely located in the Cherkizovskaya Outpatient Clinic. Photograph:

The orphanage was most likely located in the Cherkizovskaya Outpatient Clinic. Photograph:

60 kolkhozes, 42 children, and 250 grams of bacon for all.

The orphanage opened in November 1943 for 42 children in the outpatient clinic. 

60 collective farms were attached to the orphanage, but of this number, only five supplied the orphanage with food. The building was ill-equipped to accommodate children; it had no domestic facilities: no barns, washhouse, infirmary, or even a bathhouse. The house required repairs. 

The house was poorly equipped. There were no chairs, and there were not enough stools, cups, dishes, spoons, teapots, and weights for goods.

There was clearly a shortage of supplies. Children ate poorly: there were no onions, carrots, or fats. During an inspection on June 6, 1944, 42 children received a total of 250 grams of bacon and rotten cabbage. 

Daria Durneva, Anna Margolis