Kolkhoz Orphanage at Khotkii Station

Address:  Khot'kovo Station, Zhuchki summer house (in the building of the former Anisimov Estate), Zagorsky district, Moscow region

Khotkovo in the 1930s (presumably). Pervomaiskaya demonstration. Photo: hotkovo.net.ru

The orphanage was opened on July 1, 1943 in a two-story manor house on the territory of an estate park. It was designed for soldiers’ children who had become orphans.

Station in the village of Zhuchki. Photo: morrowind2010.allrpg.info

A large farm was located within the orphanage. It included a garden, vegetable patch, as well as cows and horses. The orphanage received only sugar, salt, matches, and meat from the state. The kolkhoz was supposed to provide orphans with everything else. The children helped with agricultural work, and they labored in sewing and shoemaking workshops. As a result, they were more or less guaranteed clothes and bed linen.

The orphanage remained open on the estate until the end of the 1950s.

Dariya Durneva, Anna Margolis