Kolkhoz Orphanage (Ramensky District)

Address: 23A Prudovaya Street (formerly house no. 13), village of Bykovo, Moscow region

Bykovskii special orphanage on Prudovaya Street, 1957–1960. Photo: PastVu

The orphanage opened on March 6, 1944 (according to other sources on January 1, 1944) and could accommodate 75 children. 43 orphans and soldiers’ children under school age lived in this orphanage in the summer of 1944.

Bykovskii Special Orphanage, 1954–1956. Photo: PastVu

The orphanage was located in three houses and had well-equipped facilities. According to the report on kolkhoz orphanages in 1944, the Ramenskii Orphanage had particularly good facilities. The pupils had their own beds, children’s furniture, three sets of bed linen, and galoshes, which were not available in many other orphanages. The only problem was a shortage of winter coats. The pupils' food was supplied by several kolkhozes: each kolkhoz had a specific number of children to feed.

Dariya Durneva, Anna Margolis