Alekseevskaya Agricultural School-Colony / Labor Commune No. 78 / Colony “Trudovoi put'” / Colony No. 1 / Alekseevskaya School-Colony for Former Street Children

Address: Povarovo Station, Moscow

Povarovo Station, 1954. Photograph: PastVu

Povarovo Station, 1954. Photograph: PastVu

The Alekseevskaya Agricultural School-Colony is mentioned (no later than 1928) in the list of agricultural school colonies administered by MONO (Moscow Department of National Education).

In 1924, the Alekseevskaya School-Colony for former street children, which was previously located in Povarovo Station, moved to the Znamenskoe estate. Before the revolution, the estate had belonged to the Martynovs. Over the preceding five years, Znamenskoe had visited animal farms and holiday homes. The colony was renamed “Trudovoi put'” (“The Road of Labor”) no later than 1931. After the war, there were no longer any childcare facilities on the estate.

Daria Durneva, Anna Margolis
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