Music and Art Colony named after A. Lunacharsky

Address: Moscow region, Pushkino, Akulovskii Highway 9

Pushkino. Pushkinskoye Highway. Photo: internet journal «Pushkino 24»

Pushkino, Pushkinskoe Highway. Photo: internet journal «Pushkino 24»

The colony was located on the former estate of the financier F. F. Berg, which had been built by the architect I. Nivinsky in 1912. The estate had a spacious park: a linden alley led from the gate to the front door, and a birch grove stood on the bank of the Ucha River.

E. T. Tsybina and her husband V. N. Tsybin, a professor at the Moscow State Conservatory, were in charge of the colony. Unlike other orphanages and children’s colonies, the Colony named after Lunacharsky selected only musically and artistically talented children. The colony had a choir and two orchestras, and operas were performed there. In 1924, the opera “Boris Godunov” was held in the orphanage’s summer theater. An artist from the Bolshoi Theater performed there along with the pupils of the orphanage. Children designed the spectacle together with a local artist named Kamzolkin.

According to the memoirs of a former pupil, the atmosphere was not traditionally institutional. Many graduates later became artists and musicians.

Anna Margolis, Dariya Durneva