Orphanage No. 1 for Spanish Children

Address: Moscow region, Pushkin district, Holiday home for engineers of light industry, near Pravda Station (Tishkii Sanatorium)

Contemporary view to the Tishkiy sanatorium. Photo: zoon.ru

Contemporary view of the Tishkii Sanatorium. Photo: zoon.ru

One of the first orphanages for the children of the Spanish Civil War was opened in 1937. It was located in the holiday home for engineers of light industry near Pravda Station. The director of the orphanage was Nikolai Panshin.


On August 26, 1941, this orphanage was evacuated along with other orphanages for Spanish children to the village of Kukkus in the Saratov region. During that time, the orphanage consisted of a total of 389 pupils and a large staff of educators, nurses, stokers, laundresses, and dressmakers.

Anna Margolis, Dariya Durneva