Kolkhoz Orphanage (Ozery Station)

Address: Moscow region, Ozerskii district, Ozery, Karl Marx Square 57


Secondary School № 1. Photo: Krutoy, Fotogoroda

Secondary School № 1. Photo: Krutoy, Fotogoroda

The orphanage was established in June 1944. It was located in a building that had served as a school since 1931. According to inspection data collected from kolkhoz orphanages in the Moscow region, the Ozery orphanage could accommodate 30 children, but in reality the number of children living there was much larger. They were the children of soldiers.

The orphanage was crowded and cramped. The MONO (Moscow Department of National Education) provided equipment. There were enough clothes and shoes, but no toys or books at all. Many children performed poorly in school. There were no teachers or educators for preschool children. A teacher or director of a local school worked at the orphanage only temporarily, and the orphanage did not have personnel of its own.

Anna Margolis, Dariya Durneva