Orphanage “Svetlyi Put'” / Orphanage No. 6 (Shutsbundovtsev)

Address: Moscow, Kalashnyi Lane 12

Orphanage “Svetlyi put'”

Orphanage “Svetlyi put'”

Orphanage "Svetlyi Put'"

The orphanage “Svetlyi put'” (“Bright Journey”) was founded in the 1920s. The head of the orphanage, Ivan Kuzmich Novikov, was a prominent pedagogue known for protecting those whom he guarded–the children of political prisoners.


In 1925, the orphanage was merged with School No. 10 (110), which was located on Merzliakovskii Lane.


Orphanage Shutsbundovtsev

In 1934, after renovations, “Svetliy Put'” was modified into Orphanage Shutsbundovtsev No. 6. The German writer and historian Wolfgang Leonhard was one of the foster children who lived there. He has also described the orphanage in his memoirs.


By 1938, 300 foster children of the orphanage had become citizens of the Soviet Union, but most of them applied for repatriation from the Austrian embassy. In 1936, 77 of them presumably returned to Austria successfully. However, most of them were not so lucky and could not leave the Soviet Union. Today, 278 Austrian citizens are known to have been captured in 1934-1938.

In the autumn of 1936, parents of the surviving children were arrested. After the arrests, the children were immediately transferred to the NKVD, which sent them to special orphanages.

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