Editorial Staff of “Novyi mir”

Address: 1/7 Malaya Dmitrovka Street (until 1993 — Chekhova Street), Moscow

Chekhova Street, 1957. Photo: PastVu

Chekhova Street, 1957. Photo: PastVu

From 1959–1964, Shalamov was forced to look for work due to his small pension. He worked in the journal Novyi mir as a freelance reviewer. He wrote reviews on texts, which were given to the journal to be published, and often visited the editorial staff in the main house of the city estate Dolgorukovy-Bobrinsky. Shalamov took his work seriously, even though it was not the most interesting profession for a talented writer. He gave the writers professional advice and pointed out their mistakes from one review to another.


During these years, Shalamov tried to present his poems and Kolyma Tales to Alexander Tvardovsky. The journal, which had become a symbol and at the same time the leading literary publication of the "Thaw" period, seemed an obvious platform to publish Shalamov’s poems and prose. Shalamov sent Kolyma Tales to the editorial staff on November 12, 1962. It was shortly after the publication of “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the same journal. Shalamov believed that after such a publication his texts might also be published. However, neither his prose nor his poetry was published in Novyi mir during his lifetime.

In 1964, when Shalamov’s need for additional income became less urgent and he had lost all hope of getting his texts published in Novyi mir, he ceased cooperating with the journal.

Sergey Solovyov