Gogolevskii Boulevard 25 — Moscow Residence after Rehabilitation (1956–1957)

Address: 25 Gogolevskii Boulevard, Moscow (the house no longer stands)

Gogolskiy Boulevard, 25. Behind the facade was the wing where Shalamov lived with Olga Neklyudova. Photo: begom.com

Gogolskii Boulevard, 25. Behind the facade was the wing where Shalamov lived with Olga Nekliudova. Photo: begom.com

After his return from Kolyma in 1953 and until his rehabilitation in 1956, Shalamov was forced to live and work at a distance of 101 kilometers from major cities. He spent three years in the Klin district in Kalinin oblast' (now Tver) as a worker in the peat industry. He began to write short stories during this period.

Shalamov in 1957. Photo: shalamov.ru

Shalamov in 1957. Photo: shalamov.ru

In 1954, Shalamov divorced G. I. Gudz' and soon became acquainted with the writer Olga Nekliudova. She was mainly known for her stories and novels for teenagers. Soon they got married and in September 1956 Shalamov received his rehabilitation certificate (dated August 18, 1956).

Even after his rehabilitation, Shalamov remained under suspicion as a former "Trotskyist." He was secretly monitored and evidence for a denunciation against him was collected. According to the sources, the informer was relatively close to Shalamov, but his identity was not revealed.

Varlam Salamov's rehabilitation certificate. Photo: shalamov.ru

Varlam Salamov's rehabilitation certificate. Photo: shalamov.ru

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