Polytechnic Museum

Address: 3/4 Novaya Square, Moscow

Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, 1925. Photo: PastVu

Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, 1925. Photo: PastVu

In the 1920s, the public's keen interest in poetry meant that even Moscow's largest reading halls, such as the one at the Polytechnic Museum and the Communist auditorium of Moscow’s first university, were constantly filled. Many students wished to listen to the speeches of LEFists, constructivists, and others. In Shalamov’s words, poetry events were significant occasions in Muscovites’ lives.

Mayakovsky’s speech at the Polytechnic Museum. Photo: i.timeout.ru

Mayakovsky’s speech at the Polytechnic Museum. Photo: i.timeout.ru

The Polytechnic Museum was also one of the main stages for Vladimir Mayakovsky, who lived nearby on Lubyanka road. Poets were paid for their performances at the Polytechnic Museum.

Sergey Solovyov