The Beach at Serebriany Bor

Address: Beach No. 3 at Serebriany Bor, Moscow

Beach № 3 at Serebryany Bor, 1968. Photo: PastVu

Beach No. 3 at Serebriany Bor, 1968. Photo: PastVu

Upon being released from the Kolyma camp, Shalamov had to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow a strict diet, giving up alcohol and smoking. As long as his condition allowed it, he regularly went to the Serebriany Bor beach, where he loved to sunbathe and swim.

Since 1973, Shalamov traveled to Koktebel and Yalta annually on Writer's Union trips. Having an opportunity to swim was important for him. The last of these trips took place in 1978. Afterwards, Shalamov fell seriously ill and ended up living in the house for the elderly and disabled.

Sergey Solovyov