Apartment of Sophia Balavinskaya-Popova

Address: 17 Zubovskii Boulevard, Moscow

17 Zubovskii Boulevard, Moscow. Photo: PastVu

17 Zubovskii Boulevard, Moscow. Photo: PastVu

Shalamov was released from Kolyma in November 1953. Yet, in accordance with the conditions of his release, he had to live at a distance of 101 kilometers from major cities. For personal and literary reasons, Shalamov still needed to visit Moscow. He could not stay at his wife’s apartment because of his brother-in-law. He was observing Shalamov’s wife and informing the police of his stay at the apartment on Chistyi Lane.

From 1953–1956, Shalamov lived in the village of Turkmen in the Klin district, but he occasionally visited Moscow illegally. At present, two places where he resided in Moscow are known—N. A. Kastalskaya's apartment next to the conservatory, and the apartment of Sophia Balavinskaya-Popova on Zubovskii Boulevard.

Sergey Solovyov