Editorial Office of "Yunost" (1971–1978)

Address: 2 First Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street (previously 32/1 Gorky Street), Moscow

32/1 Gorky Street, Moscow. Photo: PastVu

32/1 Gorky Street, Moscow. Photo: PastVu

Starting in 1966, Shalamov regularly published his poems in the magazine Yunost (“Youth”). In 1971, the magazine’s editorial office moved from the House of Writers to Gorky Street, across from the Mayakovsky statue. The last collection of Shalamov’s poems was published in Yunost in August 1981, when the blind and nearly deaf Shalamov was in the nursing home.

Yunost was one of the first places where Shalamov’s poems were published during perestroika. In 1987, his important autobiographical text “Dvadtsatye gody” (“The Twenties”) was published in Yunost. In 1988, the time was right for Kolymskie rasskazy (Kolyma Tales) to appear in print. 

Sergey Solovyov