Apartment of Shalamov’s Sister, Official Place of Residence in 1926–1929

Address: 19 Sadovo-Kudrinskaya Street, Moscow

The building where Galina Shalamova lived. Photo: PastVu

The building where Galina Shalamova lived. Photo: PastVu

After completing his work at the Kuntsevo tannery in January 1926, Shalamov moved from Setun to the center of Moscow. He lived at his sister’s place on Sadovo-Kudrinskaya Street. Soon his sister, Galina Sorokhtina, divorced her husband and moved to Sukhumi. In 1932, after his first period in the Vishera camps, Shalamov returned to his sister's former apartment for a couple of days. His sister’s ex-husband, under whose name the apartment was registered, found out about it and quickly excluded Shalamov from the rental contract without informing Shalamov or his sister. 

Shalamov met his sister after his return from Kolyma, and he even traveled twice to Sukhumi. Galina was the only family member who lived until Shalamov’s return from Kolyma.

Sergey Solovyov