Tannery, Kuntsevo (1924–1926)

Adress: 9 Vitebskaya Street, Moscow (previously Kuntsevo, Moscow region)

Testimonial about work in the factory. Photo: shalamov.ru

Testimonial about work in the factory. Photo: shalamov.ru

Varlam Shalamov was the son of a priest. Children of the clergy were not allowed to obtain higher education, so Shalamov had to obtain work experience in order to gain admission to a university. Therefore, Shalamov started working in a tannery in Kuntsevo (the factory of the Ozerk Committee of Peasant Consensus). First, Shalamov worked there as a general laborer, after that as a tanner, and finally as a hose painter and decorator. According to Shalamov, his wages were not great, but they were stable.

Shalamov's form. Photo: shalamov.ru

Shalamov's form. Photo: shalamov.ru

Sergey Agishev, Sergey Solovyev