Myasnitskii Arrest House

Address: 8/2 (building 10) Malyi Trekhsvyatitelskii Lane, Moscow

Myasnitskii Police Station in 1903. Photo: PastVu

Myasnitskii Police Station in 1903. Photo: PastVu

The Myasnitskii Arrest House was located in the Myasnitskii Police Station. Until 1926, it was Moscow’s regional arrest house. Afterwards, it was transferred to the administration of the NKVD Central Department of Sites of Imprisonment, and it became a correctional labor house. Several handicraft workshops, a bakery, and a center for the industrial production of power transmission belts were established there.

In 1930, the Myasnitskii correctional labor home became the first branch of the factory colony Kombinat.

Evgueny Natarov