Sushchevskii Arrest House

Address: 11 Seleznevskaya Street, Moscow

Sushchevskii arrest house. Photo: PastVu

Sushchevskii Arrest House. Photo: PastVu

The Sushchevskii Arrest House was closed no later than October 1924. Before its closure, it was the most overcrowded prison in Moscow. 136 people were imprisoned in its ten cells. Before the revolution, a single cell was designed for one person; after the revolution, three people were kept in a single cell.

Facilities for prisoners were located in two buildings. A shoemaking workshop and valenki (traditional felt boot) repair shop were supposed to be opened in the Sushchevskii and Arbatskii arrest houses in 1920, but there was no room for workshops in these overcrowded arrest houses.

The 18th police department and Sushchevskaya fire station were located in house no. 11 on Seleznevskaya Street. They existed in addition to the arrest house and remained there after its closure. Now, the house is an open museum of the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs).

Evgueny Natarov