Moscow’s Second (Lefortovo) Prison Hospital

Address: 10/12 Brigadirskii Lane, Baumanskaya Street (Nemetskaya), Moscow

12 Brigadirskii Lane, Moscow. Photo:

12 Brigadirskii Lane, Moscow. Photo:

The hospital was opened in 1920 in a former school building named after the Prince of Oldenburg. Originally, it was designed for male prisoners, but at the end of 1921 it was transformed into a womens' hospital.

The hospital was used to accommodate female patients from Moscow and regional sites of imprisonment. It was administered by Moszdravotdel and the punitive unit of the People's Commissariat of Justice. The hospital had a political school (politshkola), a village reading hall (izba-chitalnya), an "Ilyich corner" (a place where Lenin’s bust stood alongside a collection of his books and quotes and the Soviet flag), and various clubs–teaching for the illiterate, a choir, a theater club, and a physical exercise club.

In 1925, the hospital had 8 wards: neurological, surgical, gynecological, maternal, infantile, venereal, dermatological, and infectional. In 1931, the hospital was closed.