Lianozovskii Concentration Camp

Address: Moscow, Lianozovo (until 1960 – Moscow region, Lianozovo village)

Lianozovo, the road from the station (1910s). Photo: PastVu

Lianozovo, the road from the station (1910s).
Photo: PastVu

Starting in the summer of 1920, the concentration and labor camp no. 1 was located in the former brick factory of Alfonso Gash, close to the Savelovskaya railway station in Lianozovo. Parts of the factory, such as the old factory chimney, the factory buildings, and the workers’ barracks still remain on the territories of Lianozovo, Khlebnikov, and Dolgoprudnyi. According to the sources, parts of the medical infrastructure of Gash’s old factory, including a factory hospital, were also preserved during the concentration camp's existence.