Presnenskii Arrest House

Address: 4 (building no. 3) Barrikadnaya (Kudrinskaya) Street, Moscow

Arrest house building, 1967. Photo: PastVu

Arrest House, 1967. Photo: PastVu

The Presnenskii Arrest House, which was opened in the police building in 1916, functioned until the end of 1919. A chapel also belonged to the arrest house. Prisoners of the arrest house were transferred to the Novospasskii Monastery camp in December 1919.


Arrest house building (on the right). Photo: PastVu

Arrest House (on the right). Photo: PastVu

The arrest house's closure might have been due to the fact that two other major prisons were located nearby: the Novinskaya Prison and Novopeskovskii concentration camps. After the closure of the arrest house, the 14th police department was located at 4 Barrikadnaya.

Evgueny Natarov