Semenovskii Concentration Camp

Address: 58 Taganskaya Street, Moscow

The Semenovskii Concentration Camp was opened in the Pokrovskii Monastery in May 1921 and existed until October 1922.

Pokrovskii Convent, N.A. Naidenov (1883).

Pokrovskii Convent, N. A. Naidenov (1883). Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Between 300-800 people were registered and imprisoned in the camp at different times. The majority of them were sentenced to forced labor outside the camp area. There were several workshops in the camp where prisoners learned filing, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical installations. Theater performances were held in the concentration camp as a part of its cultural and educational project.

Sources reveal numerous complaints about overcrowding in the camp. The capacity of monastery buildings was evidently not enough to accommodate everyone. Constant overcrowding in the monastery may have been one of the reasons why some of the prisoners sentenced for counterrevolutionary activities and “espionage" were transferred to the Ivanovskii camp in the summer of 1922.