Pokrovskii Concentration Camp

Address: 1-3, 3 Bolshoi Trekhsvyatitelskii Lane, Moscow

The Pokrovskii Concentration Camp was one of the biggest concentration camps in Moscow. It was opened in 1919 in the former mansion of Morozov. The Forced Labor Bureau PRINKUST was located here as well. It was responsible for assigning prisoners from Moscow concentration camps to work posts at various enterprises.

Pokrovskii Concentration Camp in Moscow

Pokrovskii Concentration Camp in Moscow. Photo: MosDay

The Pokrovskii camp was managed by the Main Directorate of Forced Labor. It was a large production camp that employed prisoners. Civil workers had a separate room. A library, medical center, school, secretariat, segregation cells, kitchen, hairdressing salon, and a number of workshops (e.g., carpentry, filing, shoemaking, tailoring, clockmaking, bindery, and clothing production) functioned in the concentration camp.

Pokrovskii Concentration Camp. Photo: mosday.ru

Pokrovskii Concentration Camp. Photo: mosday.ru

The camp's official capacity was 500 people. At any given time, anywhere from 464 to 1,123 prisoners lived there over the years. By 1920, the total number of prisoners who had stayed in Pokrovskii was 9,046. Foreign prisoners of war, criminals, and political prisoners were imprisoned there.

Pokrovskii Concentration Camp in Moscow. Photo: mosday.ru

Pokrovskii Concentration Camp in Moscow. Photo: mosday.ru